No Billboard space, No Problem

here at Ale Brands, we can turn buses and matatus into mobile advertising machines to promotes any business, event or brand. with our wraps, the impressions are not limited at all to when the bus or matatu is on the road, the impressions continue when the vehicle is parked in a stategic location thats visible and recieves a lot of pedestrian traffic such as bus parks, markets, town centres among othe loacations. 

Marketing proffessionals and advertising agencies acknowledge the fact that bus wraps can penetrate targeted locations and reach target audiences not easily accessed by tradional advertsing methods at a fraction of the cost. We offer tailor made branding solutions with endless possibilities on the buses and matatus that include full wraps, digital branding as well as interior branding. we have solutions for every budget to ensure you get your message out there,where it should be. 

This includes;

  • Bus Branding
  • Matatu Branding
  • Taxi Branding
  • Transit Trucks Branding

About AleBrands

We are a Branding Company based in Kenya with projects all over the country. We believe that every brand is different and unique and for this reason we endevor to ensure that our clients get value through our services.

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